I Hate Valentine’s Day

I declared war on Valentines Day back in my twenties. You see I LOVED Valentine’s Day.  I mean I really LOVED it.  Red hearts, white paper doilies, the whole works.  I loved it.  Not just for Valentine’s Day but the whole year long.  I love hearts, flowers and naked baby angels.  In high school one poor dance date had to endure my outfit of a white blouse covered with red hearts, a red skirt and red pumps.  All I needed was a cupid hat!

I still love hearts, flowers and naked baby angles, but I HATE Valentines Day.  It all started back in my twenties when a young idealistic “the world is all hearts and flowers” Jeannie decided to get married on Valentines Day.  Oh I had it all planned.  Guess what my colors were?  You guess it!  Red and White!  Hearts on the invitations, hearts on everything!  It was all planned out. The only problem was idealistic Jeannie was so enthralled with her hearts and flowers she didn’t realize that her groom wasn’t quite so enthralled.  He ended up leaving a note on my car saying he just couldn’t do it.  Oh don’t be mad at him.  You should have met idealistic Jeannie.  She was something!  But that began my war on Valentine’s Day.

I went on to get married and have children, but Valentine’s Day after that never lived up to the hearts and flowers idealism in my head. I love that scene in the movie Valentine’s Day where they have the anti-Valentine’s Day party with a piñata! It was always more of a Hallmark holiday after that or something for the kids.  This year I was going to declare war on Valentine’s Day and boycott it all together, but then I was struck with a better idea.

For people in love, Valentine’s Day really should be celebrated all year long.  But for the single, and the widowed Valentine’s Day can be painful.  So instead of wallowing in my own idealistic self-pity I’m going to try to share some love with all of my single and widowed friends.  Won’t you join me?  Let’s make those who perhaps are shown love less often a little extra love on Valentine’s Day. Just a simple text or note on Facebook would be awesome. As for me, when I’m finished loving on my friends I’m going to go make a piñata!


About flyingheartranch

I'm a wife, mother, daughter, domestic goddess and a daughter of the King. I have 4 children and my life is beyond full. I have recently gone through a loss. This blog is about my process of working through it.
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