Logan Middle School

Facebook now sends you your memories.  This one came up for me today.  This is my daughter Logan at her orientation for Oaks Christian Middle School.  You would look at this picture and say “cute” and move on.  But for me, there are so many memories tied into this picture.

At this time 4 years ago I had just lost a school that I though I could save.  Devastated would be understating how I felt. Logan was right in the middle of it.  Logan was in 6th grade at the school at the time.  She was the “owner’s daughter”.  The man who took over the school lied to people and told them I embezzled funds so even worse, Logan became “the embezzler’s daughter.”  She was told by friends that they could no longer play with her because her mother had lost the school.  She was subject to evil looks and whispers she could not even begin to comprehend at her age. She had adults say ugly things to her.  Her Momma was beside herself with grief, her friends were rejecting her, and she now had to abruptly change schools mid-year in 6th grade.  6th grade is such a hard and awkward year.

Logan ended up going to public school to finish the year then, by the grace of God she was accepted to Oaks Christian for 7th grade!  We were so blessed and grateful that Logan would finally be surrounded by security and love.

As I look at this picture, I see the insecurity that I couldn’t bear to see in her eyes at the time.  I see the face of a kid longing for some normalcy and peace.  But I also see the face of an adventurer.  Logan has always been an adventurer.  While her Mom is probably not the most adventurous, Logan has always been.  It’s a complete contrast in personality because she also suffers from anxiety and yet, she is always on a new adventure.

This new adventure for her was middle school.  She nailed it!  She nailed it with grace and determination to walk in the same footsteps her siblings walked in and yet blaze her own trail.

Logan DMV

This is Logan today.  Blazing her own trail and thriving.  Memories are a funny thing.  Logan looked at that 6th grade picture and said, “ew!”  I looked at that picture and saw so much.   Both memories are accurate.  I could live in the “ugly” part of the memory or I could celebrate the beauty in the growth by my baby girl.  I’m gonna live in the beauty today.  But fair warning – she can drive now and she’s an adventurer.


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I'm a wife, mother, daughter, domestic goddess and a daughter of the King. I have 4 children and my life is beyond full. I have recently gone through a loss. This blog is about my process of working through it.
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